Think Women Fighting in the Army Is a New Thing? Think Again

Did you know a huge selection of women fought in the American Civil Battle on both Union and Confederate edges?

What’s so unusual about this?

Well, to begin with, women weren’t allowed to provide in the military at that time. In each one of the a huge selection of known situations – and there are surely a lot more we have no idea about – the ladies entered the military and fought alongside the other troops disguised as men.

How could that contain passed the typical physicals directed at soldiers? Well, seemingly the typical physicals where not terribly extensive – or specifically physical for example.

As the battle medication on and the necessity for new troops became a lot more acute, most military surgeons did only give new recruits an instant – totally clothed – once over and delivered them in to the fields. You can get information about military surplus via

Once there it was very easy to keep the disguise, later Victorian mores being what these were. A lot of people bathed hardly any, relieved themselves in the woods and no person really knew just what a woman should appear to be in pants.

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