Rackmount KVM Console: Why They Are Popular Nowadays?

A keyboard, mouse and monitor together with a KVM switch in a 1U drawer are known as a Rackmount KVM Console. A space-saving and cost-effective alternative, this apparatus save space in the compact environment rack.

It is offered in many models like PS2 monitor keyboard drawer; Sun Rackmount LCD monitor keyboard drawer, composite video KVM Drawer, KVM Drawer with DVI video, sunlight readable LCD KVM Drawer, KVM Drawer with IP KVM switch, KVM Drawer brief / shallow depth, USB KVM drawer, Rackmount keyboard screen with built-in KVM switch, double slide KVM drawer, Rackmount keyboard, and ANSI / Console Terminal monitor keyboard Drawer. These models fit into a 1U or 2U rack mountable space and join with KVM cables. If you are interested in buying KVM Cables and KVM Switches; give a look here Rack KVM Switches.

rackmount kvm console

Rackmount LCD KVM

The Rackmount LCD KVM includes a distinctive flip-up design that allows the unit to stay open even when the rack doors are shut for effortless viewing. This piece of hardware includes adjustable rack mounting brackets and slide rails that are adjusted to prevent movement of the keyboard while typing. For purchase of LCD KVM Switches online visit here LCD KVM Switches.

They support multiple operating systems like DOS, Win3.X, Win95/98/98SE/2000/ME, WinNT, Netware, UNIX, Linux and work with IBMs, Dells, HPs, and SUNs. Power options include 12/24/48VDC electricity and can be found in versions with KVM over IP, CAT5, Touchscreen video input signal. Equipped with all necessary attributes from CE, FCC, VCCI, TAA, and RoHS, the Rackmount KVM units provide complete keyboard and mouse emulation for simultaneous boot-up of all PCs.


The two significant categories, the USB, and PS2 KVM consoles can control up to 32PCs using one set of peripherals. But while the USB version utilizes USB peripherals, the PS2 version uses the PS2 keyboard, mouse, and monitor to control the PCs, requiring no additional applications for performance, these units are simple to install and operate on the plug and play performance.

Another important feature of this Rackmount KVM Console would be the safety in addition to the auto scan mode that enables regular monitoring of servers at intervals of 5 to 99 minutes.

This unit is used chiefly in server rooms and community management centers together with industrial, military and government environments.

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