Different Types Of Massage For Managing Chronic Pain

Recently, the medical community has started accepting different massage therapies as a credible way of managing pain. Different types of massage techniques are also added to health courses in Sydney as part of treating different diseases. Below are some types of massage therapies that are frequently used to control pain.

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1. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses gentle strokes to relax muscles. However, it is not a target specific massage. This means that it is ideal for overall relaxation. Because of their tender nature, these massages are especially recommended for people with sensitive skin.

2. Neuromuscular massage

Also known as the trigger point massage, neomuscular massage involves more force than most other types of massages. It used deep pressure and deep tissue strokes. Moreover, it is ideal to relax target specific areas of the body. As the name explains, it is used for managing pain that is associated with muscles. It may feel painful initially, but it relieves the body of the pain, especially those that are chronic.

3. Acupressure massage

In this kind of massage they use pressure to stimulate trigger points of the body to activate natural pain relievers like endorphins and to block pain sensations. Different types of pressure are required to get different results but if you apply pressure on trigger for three minutes continuously it helps in managing pain.

These are some of the massages that are frequently used for managing extreme pain in the body. It is always advisable that you consult your doctor first.

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