Planning a Family Reunion with Discount Party Supplies

If you only see certain members of your family at weddings or funerals, get back together for a relaxed and happy occasion with a family reunion. Here are some tips to get your reunion party off to a good start.

Compile a list of family members – Who do you want to invite? There may be members you’ve forgotten about, so you may need help compiling this list. Decide whether you are happy for spouses or children to come.

Get Organised – Enlist the help of some of your family members to help organise the party. Make sure everyone knows what their responsibilities are, who they need to update, and when they need to be completed.

Decide on a budget – Even the smallest reunions may incur costs. You can minimise these by asking people to bring items. You might want to give some guidance and provide an item for each person to bring to avoid the 4 quiche/no beer scenario.

Choose a date – Suggest a couple of dates, and pick the one where most people are able to attend. Check what else is on – e.g. is there a big football match on, or is someone getting married?

Choose a location – aim for somewhere where the most people are able to attend. If it’s on your doorstep, but miles away from everyone else, you’ll have a poor turnout.

Choose a theme – even if fancy dress isn’t your thing, it’s a good idea to pick a theme for the party. Think of the style of music, colors, discount party supplies, table decorations, and the type of food you’ll be eating.

Think about entertainment – if you’ve not seen people for a long time, you may struggle to keep up the conversation without a talking point; (conversely – you may not have time to say everything you want!). Entertainment doesn’t need to be expensive or hired, it could be in the form of party games, karaoke or one of your guests hidden talents!

Plan your next family reunion – after the experience of planning your first reunion, I am sure you will have thought of loads of ideas that you’d like to implement for your next one. While you have a captive audience, and everyone’s in the mood, get some dates in the diary for the next event. Perhaps you can enlist a volunteer to host and manage the next one!