Pet Care Partners – Boarding Kennels

Chances are, at one time or another you will need to turn to someone else to care for your dog. Perhaps you've accepted a work assignment that will keep you out of town for a month. Maybe you're finally going on that long awaited cruise. You can get more information about pet boarding via visiting

Pet Care Partners - Boarding Kennels

Whatever the reason, you find yourself in need of someone dependable and trustworthy to care for Rover. Although some dogs do best at home with a pet sitter, other dogs do better in a boarding kennel. Consider your dog's personality and needs before making a decision.

Things to know up front: For kennels, pet boarding is a small business. Their success is dependent upon volume as much. Kennels care for many animals in exactly the exact same time and your pet will most likely be kept in a cage or run. Do not expect a kennel to give your pet the exact same type of attention and affection which you do; it simply won't happen.

Kennel choices vet offices provide boarding services. While vet office care may be restricted, with smaller cages and restricted exercise opportunities, many people, particularly those whose animals have medical needs, feel more secure leaving their pets using a trustworthy vet. 

Where to begin: Whatever degree of care you choose, there are a few basic things to know and do before making a final decision on where to board your pet. Cost, comfort, health, and security are all valid concerns. After all, you are entrusting someone else with one of the most emotionally precious things in your life.