What could a dash cam become in future?

Dash cams have been quite popular these days, but is there any future for the dashboard cameras? Absolutely! I believe that it can contribute to both the correct assessment of traffic accidents and to better driver behavior. By installing dash cam, you will get a “trustful” witness who always “sits” in your car and can prove your points but the same observer will ensure that you are not making any mistakes since these will be recorded as well and the data could be used against or in favour of you. You can get one for your car online at websites such as zenducam, etc.

Insurance discounts: One of the scenarios that I could imagine is the appearance of insurance products linked to having a video cam in your car e.g. dash cam insurance discount for those drivers who decide to install such a device. In fact, dash cam proofs can significantly reduce claim-processing time for insurers since claim adjudicators can find out the truth much faster.

Built-in car option: It is possible that adapted versions of dash cams could find their way into mass car production as a special feature. Having such a car with an officially certified camera could be recognized in insurance premiums such as alarm device, winter tires or hybrid vehicle. Just think about other means of transportation such as ships or planes – they are all equipped with a black box recording everything that happens. Why should a car be any different?