Your Worldwide Business Card Companion

That wonderful old tradition of Business Cards achieved several objectives:

  • Tell the recipient, you thought he or she was worth your time and attention.
  • Respectively put the determination on whether to see you in the receiver's hands, instead of driving yourself into his or her day for an inconvenient time.
  • Gave the correct spelling of your name, and sometimes association or a title. You can have a look at unique designs for business cards on

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  • Invites a new friend to get in touch with you.
  • Defines your position and responsibilities
  • Provides more or as many as four means to reach you: mailing address, telephone, fax number, e-mail address, and occasionally alternate phone numbers and your assistant's telephone number for you.

How to hand out business cards, and to whom?

  • If you are sure you'll be dealing with someone in the future, ask for his business card and give yours in return.
  • When someone gives you a business card, don't just take it and put it into your pocket. Take some time to look at it, perhaps complementing its design. Then slip it into your wallet or datebook.
  • Offer cards one to a person – not a bunch as if you were trying to flood the market with your business card.
  • Offering your card in private to someone at a social event is perfectly fine – but suggest holding off on detailed business talk until another day. 

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